Dmc "Free exposure" Pattern - Free Download

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It all started when…

DMC announced a contest for it's fans. Submit a design around the theme of spring florals in Instagram. 5 winners would be announced.

The prize? Nothing. Oh I mean, FREE exposure. Artists would give up all rights to the pattern and it would be put into DMC's catalog of 1000 free patterns that have direct links to purchase DMC floss and fabric to "kit" the design. The artist is compensated by "free exposure" by a small attribution to their business name.

Artists don't pay the mortgage with free exposure. It sure as hell doesn't buy us food. And if quality designers can't get paid while smaller hobbyists enjoy the small press, we can't afford to do this anymore. We'll get mediocre jobs. And you'll get mediocre patterns. PAY ARTISTS. Support your local artists and indie retailers!


THIS PATTERN IS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD BELOW, FOR FREE. We do ask that you consider a donation through the donation link. All donated money from my pattern will be given to ArtWorks Cincinnati. ArtWorks gave me access to affordable business classes targeted at independent artists. It has employed 100s of at risk teenagers over the summer, at a living wage, to help paint murals that decorate the sometimes drab buildings of downtown. Support art and consider tossing a few bucks in for this cause.