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Final Friday: PEEP SHOW by Abby Langdon

Presenting The Hoop & Needle's first gallery exhibit: PEEP SHOW, an abbydid creature feature by Abby Langdon.

Ever feel like you're being watched? Do you wonder what goes bump in the night? In this installation a cozy sitting room comes to life, leaving the viewer pondering who is really observing who as the artwork gazes back.

The names for these pieces come from the tales of the Fearsome Critters. The Fearsome Critters came about around the turn of the 19th century as lumberjacks in Minnesota and Wisconsin would swap stories around campfires. Some of these creatures of folklore were meant to scare, others delight, but what all of the tales shared in common was an attempt to explain the noises in the night and the things that move just outside the corner of your eye. PEEP SHOW is a modern take on those campfire stories. 

Abby Langdon is a textile artist who resides in the West side of Cincinnati with her husband, two kids, three dogs, and a cat. Langdon studied photography and fine art, among other things, at Northern Kentucky University. Her textile art, photographs and sculptures have been exhibited in both solo and group shows throughout the region. She is perhaps best known for her work in the indie craft world under the name “abbydid” for her plush creatures. Langdon's plush has appeared in magazines, group exhibits, and a myriad of craft shows across the country. 

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