Vendor faq for The maker vault

When you are ready to apply, please send an email to Please provide a description of your business and a link to an online store or website showing clear pictures of your product.

What is The Maker Vault?

It's a store within a store!  The Hoop & Needle features DIY kits and patterns for cross-stitch and embroidery. We also host monthly events and a variety of classes to bring in shoppers. However, our bank vault and 2-ton vault door attracted all the attention, despite being a storage room. So we decided to give it a makeover. As we grow, we hope to fill the back of the store with locally created modern handmade goods.

Located in Northside, the neighborhood is already full of artsy people who love supporting local business. We don't shy away from quirky or downright weird products. The store is LGBTQ friendly, run by a self-professed feminist who curses a lot. We're already known for being THAT cross-stitch store with the sweary patterns, so we want to build off of that reputation.

We plan on advertising heavily through social media and our neighborhood forums. However, word of mouth is still incredibly important. So pass our info along and tell your customers that they can find your products at our store.

What are the consignment rates?

All accepted vendors will sign a consignment contract with us. Our rate is 60% to you and 40% to us. We write checks monthly and are working on sending payments electronically.

You are responsible for setting your own prices. It's best practice to keep your prices consistent with what you charge on Etsy or at shows. If accepted, you'll be required to give us a detailed inventory list with prices and to sign a consignment agreement that will cover all the nitty gritty details.  We also strongly suggest you brand your products with your store name and online contact. We want you to be successful and build your customer base!

What if I'm not accepted?

Our aim this year is to provide a well curated selection of easily giftable items. We especially like things that are a bit quirky and weird.  That means, we may not think your products are the right fit for us at this time or have had too many applications in a specific category.  However, there is no application fee.

Some things to keep in mind to make your application strong:

Your website or photo link should have clear pictures that show off exactly what you are going to sell. You may also attach images to the email.

All items should be 100% handmade by you or your group.

Branding is important. We want artists who stand out individually and have a unique style. Cohesive brand packaging is also a bonus!

You may have multiple product lines but please clarify which ones you want to be considered for the store. For example, you may have $300 original pieces but also make $20 prints based off the originals. We may have room to show bigger pieces, but prints will most likely sell quicker.

We want to hear your story and what makes your products unique. 

Out of towners should plan on shipping items. I will give you a shipping address by email once we've agreed to work together. Local artists can simply drop off their product. I also do many craft shows throughout the season. So if you ever need to restock and don't want to worry about shipping costs, just find me at the show and I can gladly accept things then!


READY TO APPLY?!? Send us an email at



When/how do I get my stuff to you?