The Stitch Hussy Camino Adventure!

As you see, we've taken all our products offline through mid-October. We'll be back in time for Christmas. Also, we are now Stitch Hussy. A slight rebranding as we go back to being an online and indie craft fair business.

Since everything seems to be changing directions, it was the perfect time to finally do something I've been wanting to do since Freshman year of college! 13 years ago!!!

I was introduced to the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in my Medieval Saints and Relics art history course with Prof. Inglis. We read a lot about the pilgrimage route, the souvenirs that medieval pilgrims picked up and the art and architecture of the saint cults along the way. Soon I found out, people were STILL doing it. Not many at the time, but some.

In recent years, it's been the subject of popular books, documentaries and a movie starring Charlie Sheen. In the early 90s, a priest in Spain wanting to revive the way went back and forth on the trail, painting sign posts to guide pilgrims and make it more accessible. Eventually, pilgrim hostels popped up at almost every small town along the route.

So today, the Camino Frances starts traditionally at St. Jean Pied-de-Port, on the French border and French side of the Pyrenees. A day's walk brings you into the Basque country of Spain and it's another 500ish mile trek along the north of Spain to the church of Santiago de Compostela. Literally, the church of Saint Iago, which is Saint James. Yes, that Saint James. The Apostle. Don't ask me how he ended up in Spain. Let's just say that this pilgrimage route was also used pre-Christianity by those pesky pagans. So suspiciously, an apostle from the middle east ended up buried at the end and POOF Christianity conquers all!

Today, I'm writing you from Gatwick airport before I go on to the small French town of Biarritz. This was just a slight intro. Pictures in the next post!